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We believe that eating isn't just about feeding your body. It's about nourishing the soul, too. We make sure every dish that we serve satisfies your entire being. Crispy, savory, sweet and juicy.. Whatever you crave is what we want to serve!

"You all need to be prepared for the amount of women who drink tons of tequila here , Stock those margaritas heavily!!!" Megan Q. Facebook

Welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait to see you! Kristin B.G. Facebook

El Dorado is born now during this tumultuous 2020 where social distancing is needed. Safety is not only expected but part of our every day duties. You deserve a short break of worriness to enjoy your favorite Mexican. We dropped everything to open a new spot for you to give you something new and fresh. With high-quality ingredients, delicious recipes, and lots of TLC. Not to mention, a super hip family atmosphere. 

Hoorah!!" Nora E.J. Facebook

Note from:

The Manager

Serving and cooking Mexican for our customers isn't just my job. It's my artwork, hobby, past-time and favorite obsession. Let us know how we can serve you better. As a new restaurant, your suggestions are well received and appreciated! 
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