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Mon - Sat
4005 SW 40th Blvd
Gainesville FL 32608- USA



Our goal at El Dorado is to make the best darn Mexican you ever had. We know how to do this: with fresh, wholesome ingredients and lots of TLC. From the appetizers to the main dish, from the nachos or tortillas we serve them with - your best experience and satisfaction is our priority. 

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All of our meat comes from farm-fed, humanely raised cattle and cooked to order. 
Our salsa are daily freshly made and are made in our restaurant from 100% traditional Mexican recipes, made with locally grown, and arrive fresh daily. 
All of our cheeses are prepared and shredded daily to maintain freshness; from cow milk to us, and from us to your table.
Our desserts are put together with love when you order. Its the grand finale to a great lunch or dinner. Ask for coffee or milk when ordering.

Our Salads are made of...

100% Fresh Ingredients

We use fresh wholesome ingredients in every dish. From absolute fresh veggies, we ensure that each bite is as healthy and flavorful as humanly possibly. 
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